When LOVE Said Cry

This time last year was a year of shock, loss, and grief.  We had been blessed to be apart of a wonderful person’s life that was so dear to us. This lovely person came into our lives and literally became apart of our family.

Then the news came, that ugly news of sin that brings with it so much pain. That blow that you never saw coming; completely unexpected and no where in your rear view mirror, more like a blind spot!  Sin, as it always does, causes division and separates chief friends.

When we fall prey to sin, it not only affects us, but those closely involved.  It’s consequences  burst out as a deluge, as it gushes down through lives of human hearts that hurt, grieve, react, and become distressed adults with child like hearts -thrashing for a breath of air called hope. It leaves you trying to comprehend the unexpected change that SIN  can bring in one weak moment..

As I’m there on my knees feeling distraught, my sweet Father, who loves me more than I love myself; the One that knows my emotions, my feelings, the parts of my heart that I can’t make sense of nor fully grasp at times……. says to me…. CRY.

LOVE simply said, “CRY.” The One who always loves me with unfailing love, encouraged me to CRY.

Here’s what it means to cry according to Webster:

CRY- to utter inarticulate sounds,especially of lamentation, grief, or suffering , usually with tears.

I lost it; in a complete sobbing melt down, as every pent up emotion came flooding out through my eyes, and my nose. My heart felt shattered outside of my chest- laid open before God. He loves me so. He encouraged me to CRY. “Let it all out. I’m here for YOU ,Candice. With all of your pain, suffering, and disappointment of this life. I’m here with open arms wanting you to CRY on me; CRY out to me. Let all that out on me. Give me your heavy burden of grief over this unexpected loss.”

Just the very words of Jesus telling me to CRY….to me was God saying, “I LOVE YOU, my girl. You are mine. It’s ok to let go and grieve. Let me help you through this  process of healing and dealing. You are BLESSED because  you learned that through this you loved someone other than your own family. You loved someone else other than your self that wasn’t your blood relation. . You experienced  [My] love.”

Let God speak to you. Let love speak to you in your moments or seasons of great loss and grief. He loves YOU. He cares for YOU and that pain that causes you grief and disappointment. He is speaking to YOU today………He wants You to CRY out to Him. Crying brings healing.

ECCL. 3:4

a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,

7 thoughts on “When LOVE Said Cry

    1. Ernielee, I’m with you. Only God! What would we do without Him? I just couldn’t imagine doing life as hard as it can be at times without Him. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Thank you for coming here. 💕


  1. Wow so very well said. 2018 was a tuff year for me too. I cried lots and called out to my father constantly. Still feeling some of the hurt from the sin of another that trickled in to my life. Please agree with me for complete forgiveness and total healing

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    1. It was hard, but it was a process of grief. This occurred 3 year ago, but when it comes back to my mind, I still feel a slight sting of loss though that precious person had to move on from our circle. I pray that my life impacted theirs in some way, above all.

      I thought I would re-share some old blog post since revamping the blog. Thank you for stopping by Sandra. 🙂 Blessings


  2. It’s easy to believe when life is smooth. But we find what we’re made of and how strong our faith is when life is rough and bumpy. 💕


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