OH my word!! The place I could live in all day! Yes, I love Hobby Lobby. Why? Well, they offer such variety to every creative person’s palette. I strolled through there today specifically looking for a 3×4 ft. chalkboard ,so my daughter can begin her cognitive therapy. I became engrossed in all the cool vintage, wooden framed pictures of verses and quotes. Ohhhhhhh, if I could only win the lottery! Tehhehehee……to bad I don’t participate.

Everything I wanted was 50% OFF!!! Boooohoooooo, I’m broke! LOL
Not really broke, I just need some extra spending cash for decorating 1 wall in each of the rooms of my house, so we can each have a special wall that is our “sweet space” that we can relax, take in the joy, peace, and relish in the beauty of creating a space for our pleasure.
Everyone needs a spot to call their sweet space. Do you agree? I DO! Since I have been decluttering and learning to become a minimalist I have learned that I need to create a joy filler space or a sweet space ( a wall just for me and a wall for each of my family members too) that I will soon call our sweet space. I like that phrase ……Sweet Space! It makes me feel jubilant. It makes me smile. It makes me feel rested.

I. LOVE. Vintage. I can’t help it, it is me. I get a bit ecstatic because I never have felt so eager to express more of who I am then when I turned 30. I think I’m definitely a late bloomer. I have been learning since I was 30, what I really like, and what interest me the most when it comes to style and decor. Anyhow, HOBBY LOBBY………it’s just beautiful. They have a picture with a bird on it and its vintage and it says, “I love you. A bushel and a peck and a hug around  the neck.” I must have that! Why? Because my grandfather use to sing those words to me as a little girl and as a teen. It reminds me of his love for me.
Just felt like sharing my LOVE for Hobby Lobby today! I felt inspired after I left the store I could totally live in forever. The inspiration I received  from Hobby Lobby made me feel great all day.

Go walk through Hobby Lobby and create your own sweet space too. Take snapshots of what you would like and create it on a slimmer budget. Save the snapshots and start saving for their 50% off racks. Just enjoy inspiration while creating you sweet space with your joy fillers.

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