Move that Truck!!!!

Green toy truck for moving houses

Yea, so we are in the middle of day 5 of packing up our hilltop Wv home to move to Greenup, Ky. We’re moving to a farm! Where the cows graze, the horses roam, hens lay eggs, cats chase and eat the mice, and where no pigs will be among our farm. I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve desired for a while now to live in the simplicity of the country.

I’ve daydreamed of sitting on my country porch while enjoying the breeze, star gazing into the night sky- sipping hot coca, eating smores, and cuddled up in a plaid warm blanket, as the fall nip air reddens our nose.
We homeschool our two middle school teens, and I’ve desired to have a country feel to aid in our nature walks; now we have 35 acres to roam free with nature. I can’t wait to fish our ponds, while hearing only crickets chirping, without any interruptions of highway traffic or a car driving by.

I’m so excited- shocked- and beyond tickled to my belly at how God worked all this out! I know nobody knows our backstory, so this is why I am sharing and hoping you stay tuned to hear how we got this house. The name of the land will blow your mind at God’s goodness and amazing way of PROVIDING ALL we need when we least expect Him to. 

Never doubt God in all of his ways to PROVIDE what you need! When you are swallowed in doubt, or just plain too busy to fully acknowledge what you desire, just remember; He see’s you and knows right where you are.  The next time you see me, Ill be wearing cow girl boots from the tractor supply store~ chasing my new friends aka CHICKENS, on the blue grass of Ky, y’all!! 🙂

I just want to encourage you that GOD can DO anything! For with God, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

Green toy truck for moving houses
Old vintage toy truck packed with furniture – moving houses concept

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