Be Still My Heart…..


This gal……..oh this precious gift from above; given to our family with love. She has filled my heart and life with laughter, smiles, and paradigm shifts; life has been a journey of surprises, shock (from comments she has made while still learning to know what to say, and what not to say) to others. And boy has she matured and grown in that area. She has been my child that rocks my boat, flips my script, and obliterates my “boxed mentality” that every child learns the same way. She is an exciting circus, without an entry fee.

She has forced me out of the box to think and see in a whole new perspective. This gem has changed her momma’s perspective  about variety (variety is freedom, not anxiety) while providing many approaches to experience a joy filled homeschooling adventure, and enjoying the journey of embracing a LOVE for learning.

She is her daddy’s mini (she thinks like him and learns like him), those “out of the box thinker” type kid. They need variety, and they need things to touch while exploring how they work. They are the creative thinkers; creating something new everyday brings them pleasure, peace, and inspires them to continue exploring and learning. They can walk into a room or outside and they notice every fine detail; they MISS NOTHING!
God uses each of our children to do a work in our own momma heart. He wants us to slow down in this fast paced culture to see the beauty around us. The beauty that we live in every single day, yet miss it, and take it for granted. The beauty of our children -full of life from God- standing right in front of us every single day.

Be Still my heart…….drink in His beauty.

Be Still my heart……allow the gift of life in my children to deposit memorable moments in my memory bank  as a love album.

Be Still my heart…… let me not forget those times spent bonding with each child {He} has given me, while building a strong relationship in them towards God.

Be Still my heart…… to not forget that they are given to me for a time and season.

Be Still my heart……know that they are God’s gifts given to me on a trusted loan.

Be Still my heart……that I take the time to give extra hugs.

Be Still my heart…….ignore the demands of a house and pressing responsibilities.

Be Still my heart…….listen (without distractions or tech savvy device) when they want to share their heart, their work, their project or their dreams, or their day.

Be Still my heart to just be…..be their mom who loves them regardless of sin or mistakes.

Be Still my heart……be mindful that time flies, not only when we are having fun,  but also when we are distracted.

Be Still my heart………be reminded that time with them is time never wasted, but time gained.

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