Did the Porters Make a BIG Mistake?


It’s been 19 days since we moved to KY. I wanted to come back and share with everyone how this unexpected move transpired so quickly!

Let’s back up to late May, and turn the knob to the beginning of June, when we felt compelled to take a short visit to Louisville, KY. (We love Louisville!) Why? Because Louisville has many fond and adventurous memories for our family;my kids absolutely LOVE it there. You can travel an hour in either direction of Louisville, Ky and have a vacation . There is so much to explore and do.
So we took this trip to feel after the Spirit of God whether He was calling us to transition to Louisville, or was it just us (or my spouse’s longing) to return? As we visited we had a fabulous time as usual, but when we packed up our crew to head back home, we felt a peace that we were not to move there. It wasn’t because of anyone or any thing particular, but we both felt at peace that where we were (waiting on God and resting in that wait) that we were to be content.

Back home, we began planning and initiating some things that I desired to do for our family; Phil and the kids helped plant our first small garden. Then Phil sat down to search the web for a used swimming pool (who doesn’t NEED a pool with KIDS, right?). Summer is too HOT and too lONG to live without a used pool! This is where everything begin to get mysterious.

What in the world was JESUS up to in our lives? Seriously, we were asking this very question as we stared at the swimming pool posted under “For Rent.”
Phil typed in “pools” on Craigslist, but pools wasn’t the only thing that popped up. We were like, “What?” we clicked pools, not houses.
Phil began to scroll. There…..about 3 houses down…..was a house with 35 acres, a POOL, a barn, a fully stocked pond, and a 1/2 mile driveway- for RENT. (Yes, there it is, For RENT!) I quickly learned that when you make such a move to nice property like that, you instantly become the target of busy bodies. (I never knew it was a high profile to know if someone rents or owns their place-just why?)

Phil called the owner- she was cheerful and delighted that we would come and checkout her farm.We set the time and decide to go the next morning. The next morning after Sunday school we headed out to the farm. I’m not gonna lie- It was a long drive that seemed a bit tiresome- are we there yet?

All the while, I’m in the passenger seat chanting, “I will not move out here- this is too FAR!’ The roads are crazy country roads (you know…..the roads without bright yellow lines down the center?). My kids piped up and told me to remain calm until we actually arrived at the farm.

I resolved to being mesmerized by the cows grazing off to the sides of the country road.  We pull up, and make a right turn up this eternal gravel driveway that is absolutely breathtaking.19399461_10209454738344960_7173723848480345833_n

We arrive to the top and the house looks like a Lincoln log cabin centered on the greenest grass I have ever seen. I wanted to get out and run and sing like The Sound of Music movie (yea….really!). As we pulled up and exited our car, a family was coming out of the house. We get out of our car, and gave the owner privacy to continue to talk with the family who just toured the house. We walked up the hill to scope out the huge barn while we waited.

Finally, the family drives off and we make our way down to the smiling lady waiting for us. We introduce our family, and quickly learn that the lovely warm face lady showing us the home is not the landlord, but rather the daughter of the owner to this beautiful Lincoln Log home. She, Carissa, is the daughter of the landlord. She smiled and invited us in to tour the home. As we walked in we could tell it was simple, yet more spacious than our other home. We were truly over taken in awe with the land, and all that we could do with this property to compliment our vision. The home was very clean, all wooden floors, and spacious- which was what we wanted. The daughter begins telling us that her mother had cancer and she never got to move into this home.
To be continued………..


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