Did the Porters Make a Big Mistake? Part 2


We certainly did make a BIG Mistake!!!!!! It’s just not the kind of MISTAKE you think we made. 🙂 
We walked right through the doorframe that had NO hinges, and No door; God provided for our family. What a blessing; and ohhh, the confirmations that preceded.
Let’s get back to where I left us all hanging, and screaming at the screen. LOL

Our precious landlord’s momma didn’t get to  move in this farm house due to her health concerns, but God is still GOOD, and working on her behalf.
Our landlord’s daughter looked at my spouse and I, and said,”I’m not trying to be forward, but I really feel like you and your family, and I think you are meant to be in this house.”

We were wide eyed and cheerful, but I was still uncertain (I’m naturally that way, because I over analyze EVERYTHING!) Sorry, but I do, and I’m learning to not be so. As we walked outside (I usually NEVER hug strangers), I leaned in and hugged the daughter.

She was just so cute, and sweet. (It’s easy to like sweet people!) We gave Carissa a timeframe on our decision. All the way back home my spouse is bubbling over, and telling me he knows this is it! This is a GOD moment, and I’m not passing it up!

I’m over in the passenger seat still thinking out of fear (Oh my Lord, he is going to do this!) and I’m going to be 28 minutes from a local Walmart! Which means this mom will have to ( HAVE TO) be prepared in an area of my life that I have never had to be prepared (You know mommas… the GROCERY LIST!), there I said it, my weakness is open and on the table. I’ve always lived 2-5 minutes from a local grocery store, and shopping stores. It was my CITY LIFE! I can’t help it ( we use to be military people) and I was SPOILED. I had to get my game face on because I knew deep down I longed for the country life: gardening, raising our own beef, and possibly milking goats, too, and much more. I knew I had to make some changes in my perspective if I truly wanted to live on a farm.

So. I. Did. It.


I LET GO of the FEAR- The what ifs: The failure of NOT planning meals. (I know…. you can laugh at me- I’m ok with my oddness!) The “WHAT IF this is an epic fail in our lives” and we end up back in the city?
Once I LET GO of it; God began to speak to my heart about this journey. God showed me that the BIG MISTAKE we would make would be “NOT obeying” and walking through the door [He] provided for us. The BIG Mistake was not moving to this farm, that God clearly had His hand all over it. So, not following God, after the confirmations that preceded our move, would be the Porter’s Big Mistake! I could have pitched a fit all out of fear, and my spouse would have changed his plans to make me HAPPY, but I’m all about following Jesus, and His plans, even if I’m scared senseless! I ‘m that gal who wants to know everything before it unfolds- that all will be well. Do you see where I’m headed? It’s ALL ROOTED IN FEAR. God is not fear, and he is not the spirit of fear.

So, back to our landlord wanting us to come and meet her mom, and dad to seal the deal.
Something I mentioned earlier  that I NEVER do……. hugging complete strangers (especially my possible future landlord stranger). I leaned in and hugged her- I couldn’t help it- I just felt this connection.

My Phil left out the next couple days to meet the parents that own the farm. As he entered the home of the landlord’s daughter, both  her parents were there. Phil,Carissa, and her dad gather around the table to talk “the farm house.” As they sat down, the dad begin to ask my Phil why in the world he would want [his] farm house?

My Phil began to share how we were truly not looking to move to a farm. We were headed towards Louisville, KY. Phil shared how God allowed us to come across this farm while we were searching for a used pool, as a means to bring summer pleasure to our kids, and be settled and content where we were currently living.
The dad was instantly pleased with his honesty. He then asked if we were BELIEVERS, and believed in the Holy Ghost. ( This for us was even better!)

Confirmation #2 came when Carissa told my spouse that the day I hugged her as we left from seeing the farm ~~ from that hug she felt such a PEACE or something she couldn’t explain. She then shared that she isn’t a “HUGGY” type person.  (That was a GOD moment!). And the fact that I DO NOT hug strangers- God was up to something.

Confirmation#3 Our daughter had told us that she would like to name the shepherd Thor if her dad was going to buy one. Now the farm had a shepherd on it when we arrived, but we knew it belonged to the previous tenants, and assumed he was coming back to pick him up. However, we later learned that he asked Carissa if they could leave the dog behind because he loved the land.


We later received word that the previous tenants wanted to know if we would keep the dog. Now keep in mind here that WE HAD NO IDEA what this dog’s name was. Yea, you know where this is going, don’t you? God was giving us THIS dog because He know the desire of my Phil’s heart and my girl’s heart. The dog’s name is THOR! (Praise Break!) Yes, God provided everything and more than we could have imagined. Even right down to the  riding lawn mower to cut the land. ( I mean, we came from a house on 1 acre) and didn’t need a riding lawn mower.

I’ve even been offered FREE chickens! That was a God thing all in and of itself, right before we moved, and I had forgotten about this until a week ago. 🙂 My sweet chicken friend reminded me. LOL

Now, let’s back up 15 or so years ago, when a man of God prophesied over me during church service while living in Louisville, KY. He said a few things, ” I see 3 digits over your head; its not a multi-unit facility, but a place set apart.”
He then stated that we would move (that GOD was going to move my family) to another location and there we would labor in that vineyard. All these prophecies began flooding my mind as we began to pack and take it all in (you know , the suddenly!) how God was suddenly orchestrating all of His SURPRISES upon our family.

I’m sharing this simply because we are living in an age where many are DOUBTING that there is even a GOD anymore. They do not believe in MIRACLEs, SIGNS,  or WONDERS! I’m talking about BELIEVERS, not sinners. It breaks my heart, but God wants me to share this about Him to show off who HE is!!! LOOK AT HOW GREAT OUR GOD IS!  HE is still in the business of showering his children with blessings if we only TRUST, and OBEY. He has much in store for all of us, if we can simply reject doubt, and reject fear of the “what ifs’, and BELIEVE, and TRUST who He is! God is faithful. God hears us. God gives us our desires that He wants for us, not the other way around.

Where are we standing with God? Are we truly letting go of control, in our lives, and letting Him break free in our everyday living in ways we never imagined? Or are we still clenching on to doing things our way?

It’s just like gardening, when you plant the seeds, we don’t sit and fret each day whether the harvest will come. We water it, and let the process of vegetation that God set in order to do it’s work. This snapshot above is actually from my first garden we planted at our old place, right before we made this move to the farm! I just harvested this bounty yesterday, right after Sunday Service. I felt the need to stop by and check on it. I thought for sure it was all grown up, but to our surprise, it was waiting for us. 
It’s time to BELIEVE GOD. Our greatest MISTAKE is trusting our doubts, and refusing to OBEY His adventurous plans for our lives. But it requires “letting go”of those fears, and watching what He unfolds.

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