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His Grace in My Dark

Last night I laid in the bed, on my back, staring through the dark. My mind began thanking God for being so good to me, and ruminating over all that is occurring with the hurricanes affecting many lives. The catastrophes bringing so much darkness has left me reminded of my own darkness. It has touched… Continue reading His Grace in My Dark


Did the Porters Make a Big Mistake? Part 2

We certainly did make a BIG Mistake!!!!!! It’s just not the kind of MISTAKE you think we made. 🙂  We walked right through the doorframe that had NO hinges, and No door; God provided for our family. What a blessing; and ohhh, the confirmations that preceded. Let’s get back to where I left us all… Continue reading Did the Porters Make a Big Mistake? Part 2


Did the Porters Make a BIG Mistake?

It’s been 19 days since we moved to KY. I wanted to come back and share with everyone how this unexpected move transpired so quickly! Let’s back up to late May, and turn the knob to the beginning of June, when we felt compelled to take a short visit to Louisville, KY. (We love Louisville!)… Continue reading Did the Porters Make a BIG Mistake?


Be Still My Heart…..

This gal……..oh this precious gift from above; given to our family with love. She has filled my heart and life with laughter, smiles, and paradigm shifts; life has been a journey of surprises, shock (from comments she has made while still learning to know what to say, and what not to say) to others. And… Continue reading Be Still My Heart…..

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What Happened When I Said Yes

  Looking back through some journal writings, I came across something that I forgot all about! This is why the bible instructs us to look back, or remember the things that God has done for us, or spoken to us, so we will stay encouraged. Here’s a little encouragement for any weary momma today that… Continue reading What Happened When I Said Yes